A Home for Educators with an Appetite for Raspberry Pi

Moodle-based home base for middle and secondary-school teachers working with, or considering working with, Raspberry Pis in the classroom. Browse freely as guest. Please be enthusiastically encouraged to create an account (top right corner of the site. Please help populate this site with content. The goal is to be a welcoming and encouraging environment to inspire authentic learning with the Raspberry Pi.

Note: This project began as the Raspberry Pi curriculum project, which aims to produce a middle and secondary school standards-compliant curriculum that relies on the Raspberry Pi as a common resource. Keep that in mind when you see pedagogy resources on the site: they’re intended for hardware and software engineers who want to help create an open curriculum but are looking for a pedagogy primer.

Single Sign-On: If you create an account, you also have access to Mahara. It’s there so we can really share useful profiles and do focused social networking and forum-ing.

Please, where-ever you are in the world, and whatever your relationship to the Raspberry Pi, there’s a place for your contributions at http://badsville.ignorelist.com/moodle.

Look for “Request a Course” if you have content in mind that doesn’t seem to have a place yet.

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