Headless Calibre (e-book) Server for Raspi

Raspian/Raspbian stripped of unnecessary packages (to include sudo). Builds on Raspliance Core.


  • Calibre web server on port 80
  • Shellinabox (web shell) on port 12320
  • Webmin (web administration) on port 12321
  • SSH/SFTP on port 22

It’s Raspian remixed with extensive use of TurnKey Linux 12.0 code and build.

TKL’s inithook configures root password on first boot (after the patch). It’s headless, but will display confconsole (pictured above), offering a directory of available services.

Calibre-server starts as a service from /etc/init.d/calibre. No username or password by default. README has use directions: see github - https://github.com/ghoulmann/raspi-calibre